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The Range is located in central Wisconsin's Waushara County on County Trunk W, just east of Mt. Morris, Wisconsin.

It sits on about 130 acres of wooded land, with Wautoma and Redgranite nearby. There are camping sites on the grounds and a Field course. The Club House is open on Shoot weekends for registration. Archers can get food and goodies at the Club House, too.

If you like to see Wisconsin's wild life, keep an eye open for deer, groundhogs, snakes, turkey, and other birds.

Like any golf course, it has tees, fairways, and greens; and if your arrow goes in the rough, don't forget to look up in the trees.

There are 18 holes of varying distances, including two doglegs and two holes with ladies' tees, (where the ladies, juniors, and cadets shoot from).

Holes 1 and 2 are both about 160 yards; par 2. Hole 1 is open and flat with few trees, 2 on the other hand has trees on both sides of the fairway and behind the green.

Hole 3 is 171 yards; par 2, uphill with trees, it also has a ladies' tee. On 3 you shoot over a lot of brush up onto a flat green. (If you don't make the green, kiss your arrow goodbye.)

Hole 4 a 163-yard  par 2. 4 is a downhill shot with a wide fairway half way down . The tee has a lot of trees around it and you shoot over some low trees lower on the hill. Also, 3's green and 4's teeoff have a great views.

Hole 5 is a 164-yard par 2 and is uphill. The ball lays on the side of the hill. If your arrow lands up hill of the ball and you miss your 2nd shot, look out: If that arrow skips, you'll have a long way to come back.

Hole 6 is a downhill shot about 100 yards par 2, with a wide fairway. Just don't aim too high or you'll be looking for your arrow in a swamp.

Hole 7 is a 153-yard par 2. The tee is in a depression and the ball is hard to see at times. For some reason you'll want to cant your bow, so keep an eye on your level if you have one.

Hole 8 is the first dogleg and is a par 3. From the tee, you shoot about 80 yards to a marked circle. You must get an arrow inside the circle before you can go for the ball. If your first arrow does not make the circle you shoot into it from where the arrow lies. Once in the circle, it's about 50 yards to the ball.

Hole 9 is 350 yards; par 3. This is the longest hole. With a ladies' tee at about 300 yards. The fairway starts out a bit narrow but widens out on the way down. The wind is a big factor here, it can help you or hurt you, but most of the time it just plain kills you.

Hole 10 is a 280-yard par 2. 10 has a wide flat fairway with trees on both sides. Nothing too hard about this one. You will need to play the wind, though.

Hole 11 245 yards; par 2. The green is more sand than grass. You need to watch the wind again but that's true on all of the back 9.

Hole 12 a 205-yard par 2. This one has a hill about 3/4 of the way down the fairway and the ball sits on the side of the hill. You will have to look out for the tree that sits just behind and to the left of the ball.

Hole 13 is a 123-yard par 2 shot. The green lays a little lower than the tee. It definitely can be done in one.

Hole 14 219-yard par 2.  The tee and green are higher than the fairway on this one. The fairway has been cleaned up and is wider now. No more lost arrows if you fall short.

Hole 15 is the second dogleg. It's a par 3, about 100 yards to the circle and about 60 yards from the circle to the ball. If you make this one in 2, you just may win.

Hole 16  is 222 yards; par 2. Both 16 and 17 have flat wide fairways and are just fun to shoot; but the wind can get you if you get your arrow too high.

Hole 17 230-yard par 2.

Hole 18 is 253 yards; par 2. Don't mess up now, you'll want to kick yourself if you take a 3 or 4 at the end. You'll find a short path through the woods and back to the club house. You're done!


For more about shooting (what type of arrows and stuff) see Shooting the Range

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